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Information icon.svg This page is a Qualitipedia policy.

All users including staff should abide by it. If you have questions or wish to propose a change, please make a topic in the Discussion tab. Thank you.

These rules apply to all wikis under Qualitipedia. Other wikis are free to use them. For most things a first offense won't be an outright block, instead you'll be pointed either at a wiki's local rules or this page for the section needed. Much of this is common sense, but some points exist to make things easier to administrate.

The very basics

  • Treat your fellow user decently. Try to approach in good faith and be civil in disagreement.
  • You must be at least 13 to register and contribute.
  • Content cannot be created for the sole purpose of attacking users, spreading misinformation as facts or libel.
  • Generally don't do things that would make life harder for everyone on Qualitipedia or Miraheze as a whole.
  • If you have a problem, contact Qualitipedia staff as necessary and leave the issue to them. Starting edit wars or breaking rules to make a point won't help.
  • Wikis typically have informal style rules and formatting conventions. Established users will know them well. Please defer when shown. They are not hard rules, but if convention is broken then it should be for very good reason. For example, it is extremely frowned upon to use bold and caps in pages outside of page organization and proper naming in Main articles. They should not emphasize points, and italics should take their place carefully. Some of these are listed through the rules, but be aware if someone reaches out about an unwritten one. If you think it's incorrect, contact an admin or start a discussion here.

Rule breaks will typically be approached with a warning, and escalate if they are repeated or serious enough. This wiki (and your talk page) is the last line of appeal. Remember to be civil and make a proper case so you can use your chance wisely. You can appeal if you believe a decision was made in error or if the punishment was too harsh the offense (ie, you were blocked for forgetting a small rule and haven't done it before, or didn't know the rules at first).

Main articles

Creating articles

Qualitipedia has problems with article quality. We have been working to improve this. To avoid your page being moved or deleted in these efforts, there are certain things you should keep in mind when starting a new page on any wiki.

  • Do reception scores and public opinion back you up? For best results you should include some of these as sources to make sure. Be sure that the article is also related to the wiki's topic and description. If you are unsure, contact an admin and clear it. We have been changing how much 'off topic' content is permitted and if the rules don't make sense, please ask so they can be explained or fixed. Please make sure they are accurate first before making the change, as reception scores do apply to all types of media, not just one.
  • Local wikis include forbidden pages for various reasons; keep this list in mind with the above.
  • Pages on users, people, communities and fandoms (not to be confused with FANDOM) are never acceptable on QP. Please report them if you see them.
  • If it's incomplete, keep it in your sandbox. Bonus if you have someone else review the page to make sure it's good before moving it. Pages are often removed because they have poorly written points, lack content or are too subjective in focus - so again, it's good to ask if you are worried about this. Also, the above on 'relevance' will take precedence regardless of how well the page is made (though if it's good the page should have a good home on the right wiki).
  • Yanking pages or blocks of content from somewhere else on the internet is plagiarism. If you pull from another place, credit the source.
  • Pages are not a place to list your personal grievances. You should be reflect research about the target community's response. If you want to make a personal review or list your own issues, use a Blog.
  • At least one source for claims is required. The source should actually verify the claim, and you should be able to justify that it does if asked. Ideally each claim should be sourced or verifiable (easy to find on lookup and actually credible). Points that cannot do this will be removed.
  • If a page was made that you believe violates the rules, make a discussion for why so admins can review it.
  • We use proper caps for page names. To name a thing, you would call it "The Thing". But if there is a category, "Games including things", then it should be in lower case unless a proper name is used ("Games including The Thing").

Your sandbox

You can draft pages or other content in your sandbox as long as it generally follows the rules and is at least somewhat related to the wiki. There's only a few things to keep in mind.

  • Don't add categories to these pages. Use fake ones as an example, if you like.
  • Don't 'blog' in these pages, especially to have your own version of an existing page. If you have different opinions, discuss on the related page or just use a blog.
  • If you were a primary contributor to a deleted page and its reason was the page being low quality (not off topic or deemed potential drama in subject), then you may ask admins to restore it and move to your sandbox. Doing so is their discretion.

Blog articles

Blogs can be used to express personal opinions about media and subjects related to the wiki. They can also be jokes and polls. Please keep them vaguely related to the wiki they're posted, and keep dramatic or general topics to here, Qualitipedia Meta. The basics still apply.

Also to keep in mind:

  • Leave categories alone on blogs. If you know how, you may create a 'fake category' section.

Editing pages

  • Please leave new categories to admins or users who've already talked to admins. If you'd like to help with the category system, go ahead and communicate, or follow what is already being done (ie, lowercasing category names).
  • Be literate (check your spelling and grammar), avoid swearing in articles and otherwise strive to make them better. All caps is not a good way to stress a point. Light use of bold or italics is, but keep the page clean.
  • Make sure the points are credible and make sense. Change and improve if necessary, but do not edit war - if someone reverts, use the discussion tab to solve the problem.
  • In particular due to problems in the past, points only regarding fandoms/audience are not permitted. The line is drawn at what the media might do to encourage a poor audience response.
  • If a page lacks a custom header, you can make one. Admins have the right to reverse them if they decide it isn't appropriate; respect their choice. If other users want their own header or seek to fight over it, also leave the problem to an admin with the Discussion tab.
  • Popular memes can be used to spice up a trivia section if they're related. They do not replace good page content.

Some of these rules may be relaxed for types of blogs, but please be reasonable.

Discussion and comments

Discussions and comments on pages should be relevant to what the page is about. Discussion on the main page of the wiki can be used to ask about the wiki's topic in general, technical support, etc. Otherwise discussions should be related to page contents. You can offer opinions and have discussions about the content in the page's comments, as long as they follow the basic rules. Comments may be deleted if written too poorly, mean-sprited, off topic and so on.

Blogs, discussions and comments do different things. We're not too stingy, but discussions should usually talk about changes to a page, comments discuss the subject of the page, and blogs offer a full-formed opinion or subject to talk about on the wiki. Local policy, mildly dramatic topics and so on can be taken to a wiki's main page, discussion for a policy page (like discussing these rules) or an administrator's talk page. You can appeal moderation done to you with your own talk page. Larger topics and changes should be put in the proper place on this Wiki; see the front page.

Requests for Comment

Also known as RfCs, this is a system to propose major changes in how Qualitipedia works or discussing the function/fate of a QP wiki from a meta perspective. See the Requests for Comment page. You may see the most results by getting a few opinions before putting it to community vote. Small suggestions (like improving the clarity here) can use the proper discussion page. Outright changing rules, especially controversial ones should use an RfC to make changes more legitimate.

Aside from the above principles, there are two key rules:

  • Two RfCs max from one user at a given time. In other words, do not create a long spree of them.
  • Only bureaucrats are allowed to create RfCs about community bans.

Staff practices

Admins have various tools to do their jobs and leeway to decide what's best, but they are/should be accountable. If there is an issue, take it up on the admin's talk page or if you're blocked, your own. If you have a serious issue with how they work or they aren't willing to discuss problems, take the issue to a bureaucrat and/or this wiki as neutral ground.

There are some guidelines for admins to follow:

  • Take criticism on the chin. Only remove the content if it's flagrantly uncivil, and save a backup if another staff member or the community asks when you do. Constructive critique should not be removed. But it may be directed to a proper place (ie, out of a page's comments and to a talk page, or onto this wiki).
  • Before making a decision, get input. Wait for multiple people to comment, wait for some time so somebody who is sleeping can wake up and make a good point. If it's controversial, get more input and wait longer, and consider opening a discussion on the topic first (such as an RfC for something like this).
  • Admins should be semi-active over the past three months. If they fall out of this time, they may be demoted. If you don't have the time to admin, please consider retiring until you do if it's a lengthy period (ie, very busy work for several months). Temporary downtime is fine (though it may help to leave a message).
  • This page is about guidelines and general conduct. You should enforce it with an open mind and good faith, while being civil. Don't block immediately if someone does something a little wrong. Fix it and clarify to them how it's done. QP has been changing quite a bit lately, and it's bad form to expect everyone to know every little change as it happens. The best thing you can do as admin is keep up to date, ask questions of more involved or knowledgeable users, and be reasonable in handling users while performing admin duties. Finally, keep a cool head; if you are quick to anger or get impatient with a topic, let someone else handle it or step away. There's no excuse for flying off the handle.

These rules are 99% complete and apply now, and can be referred to by regular members and admins alike. However, they are likely not perfect. Feel free to discuss points and raise questions or concerns at any time, particularly through the talk page here, and a QP Meta admin or bureaucrat will clarify or edit where necessary. Substantial new policies can be suggested through Requests for Comment.