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This article was written collaboratively by Allistayrian and MarioMario456

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This page rates the reliability of many websites as sources. This is a reboot of this blog, because the creator is no longer active, the arrival of new websites/users, amd because I want this blog to be more feedback-based. Feel free to ask if a source is reliable in the comments.



  1. The 8-Bit Guy
  2. AngryJoeShow
  3. BigfryTV
  4. Caddicarus
  5. Cinemassacre
  6. The Completionist
  7. Computer Gaming World (outside of Scorpia)
  8. Darklordjadow1
  9. DX
  10. Edge Magazine
  11. Gamereactor
  12. Gaming Historian
  13. GmanLives
  14. Kim Justice
  15. r/KotakuInAction
  16. Lazy Game Reviews
  17. Metacritic
  18. Metro (GameCentral section only)
  19. Modern Vintage Gamer
  20. Nintendo Life
  21. NintendoWorldReport
  22. Nostalgia Nerd
  23. OpenCritic
  24. PCGamingWiki
  25. penguinz0/Cr1TiKaL
  26. ProJared
  27. Pure Xbox
  28. Push Square
  29. Rerez
  30. Tennings
  31. Video Game Critic
  32. Wikipedia
  33. Worth A Buy


  1. BartekGM
  2. CD-Action
  4. Kinamania
  6. Joueur du Grenier
  7. NRGeek



  1. GameFAQs
  2. GameSpew
  3. GameXplain
  4. Jim Sterling (pre 2021)


  1. /


These websites and users are questionable as sources for many reasons (like having a controversial past, biased reviews or errors). They may be admitted to a certain extent, depending on how the reception of a thing they did.


  1. Eurogamer
  2. Game Informer
  3. GamesRadar+ (Occasional clickbait and corruption of the Edge Magazine)
  4. Nathaniel Bandy (Most of his "TRIGGERED" videos are over-exaggerated)
  5. PC Gamer
  6. Scorpia (Was very harsh when reviewing games she disliked)
  7. Screen Rant / GameRant (occasional clickbait)
  8. WatchMojo (occasional personal bias and top videos are based on user's votes)


  1. (frequent errors and many news are based on unconfirmed rumors)


Note for admins: Add the websites listed here to MediaWiki:Spam-blacklist.

  1. Any journalist that has written a Gamers Are Dead article
  2. Breitbart
  3. BuzzFeed (excessive clickbait)
  4. Channel Awesome (their "reviews" are far too focused on gags, filler, and unfunny comedy)
  5. Charriii5's Everything Wrong With videos (full of nitpicks/unimportant questions, unrelated pop-culture references, pointing things out on the screen, hypocrisy (such as sinning games for making puns, yet making them himself), sinning characterization/unrealism, sinning things multiple times, not understanding the source material for licensed games, not understanding lore/how the games work, making sins that are obviously wrong/with very little evidence to back them up, not explaining sins/sinning without context)
  6. Common Sense Media (written from parents' perspectives, many reviews are written by SJWs or moral guardians)
  7. ConnerTheWaffle (does not look up about games properly and uses other people's footages without credit)
  8. Destructoid
  9. Digital Chumps
  10. DreamcastGuy (frequent biased reviews with inaccurate final verdict; adds clickbait titles and thumbnails)
  11. GameSpot
  12. Geeks + Gamers
  13. Google user ratings (opinion-based, even if there are more likes than dislikes on a game, they can still get negatively received by anyone)
  14. IGN
  15. Jim Sterling (2021-present) (overly politically driven)
  16. Mobile game store ratings (most of them are only about if the games work on the customers' devices and not their general reception)
  17. Kotaku (politically driven)
  18. One Angry Gamer
  19. Polygon (politically driven)
  20. Quarter to Three (extremely opinionated reviews)
  21. The Mary Sue (opinionated)
  22. Top Hat Gaming Man (overly opinionated and likes to add lewd images that have nothing to do with his videos to his thumbnails for no reason)
  23. Youtuber Radical Rick (just a drama news channel who falsely accused of most other YouTubers of e-begging and being greedy)
  24. Harman Smith (Nintendo fanboy who bashes pretty much anything that isn't Nintendo)
  25. The Guardian (politically driven)


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